Kickstarter Campaign: The Last Post

I have only given a few books as gifts, but this was perhaps the best one.

I gave a book to Pam Booth, Macmillan nurse based at Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester. If you have experienced the work that Macmillan nurses do you probably already know what I am going to say.

Pam Booth was amazing in her care for Mr Hosaka, she only knew him for a short time but like all that did, she felt drawn to him, they talked a lot and she was a great comfort. I think if she had met Akinori when she was younger he would have made her do Judo!

Macmillan nurses provide care for a patient, family and close friends. They spend hours with you, then they leave and do the same for the next patient in the next room, and then again in the next room. Truly amazing people. It was good to give Pam something tangible as a thank you, she said that she will treasure the book and recognised some of the people in it from the Olympics. So again Kickstarter backers thank you for supporting the project and making the book a reality.

“Make sure no one faces cancer alone.”

Pam Booth, Macmillan nurse, Wythenshawe Hospital, July 2016

Pam Booth, Macmillan nurse, Wythenshawe Hospital, July 2016

Richard Goulding