Funded !!!

Well I did not imaging I would be in this position - the book is fully funded and will be printed and published.

But the best bit is the fact that backers are going to get the book as a reward.

We have already started production on the book, and Bluecoat Press will schedule a printing slot, I will post updates along the way.

In a few days I will send an update for those who selected print(s) as rewards, it will be a gallery of images that you will be able to chose from.

And then after that, through Kickstarter we will ask for a confirmation of name and delivery address (which you can change).

Backers will be the first to get the book and I will post updates to keep you informed.

A huge thank you to everyone who backed the project in the UK and worldwide. This book would not have been possible without your support.

I'm working closely with Bluecoat Press on every aspect of the production of the book, and we look forward to delivering a unique and limited edition book that documents a life in Judo.

Many thanks Richard Goulding.

Richard Goulding