I'm very sorry about the delay of the book.  If you were hoping to give the book as a Christmas present, below is a PDF preview of the book that you can send by email or print out.

It has been optimised for iPad screen in landscape.  But will also look good on a desktop or mobile.

Please could I ask that you keep it exclusive to Kickstarter backers and do not repost on social media. I've had my images ripped off in the past and this will devalue the book that you have kindly supported.

Here is the link if you wish to copy and paste it into an email to the person you were going to give the book. (You don't need a dropbox account to download.)


If you are opening the link on iPad, once it has downloaded from dropbox, tap on the symbol that asks you for opening options, then "Open in.." select  "Open in iBooks" and it will then be stored in your iBooks app.